Our Farm Through The Seasons

Our sustainable farming system starts after lambing when we work out and plan the seasons.

Ploughing for Green crop and spring feed. We grow our grass for fat lamb production and hay making. The ewes and lambs are all born and bred on our farm offering complete traceability of our products.

The ewes live outside all year only coming into our large airy sheds for lambing. After lambing they live in little family groups of 15-20 in our fields and paddocks, this allows all the lambs a good start and fair play with plenty of pasture, fresh air water and space with their mothers.

Making enough feed and bedding for the winter is always a big challenge. Hay or silage is shut out for six weeks so that the grass is young tender and tasty before baling for the ewes in the winter.

Our traditional hedgerows provide shelter for our livestock and an abundance of blackberries, sloes and elderflower and decorative holly. all these we enjoy through the winter.

Although farming is 24/7, everyday living on a farm is a dream. Nature is all around us, nature is challenging but also very giving.

If you have enjoyed our lamb before we thank you for your repeat custom , if you are a new customer we welcome you to Glam Lamb, thank you for your interest and time to read about us and our traditional farming life.